Our Mission is to Provide a Safe, Welcoming Environment For Your Child

At Tiny Explorers Academy our primary goal is to provide a welcoming environment for your child that inspires a sense of discovery, curiosity and exploration. We help every child discover their abilities and exceed to their full potential.

We use research-validated strategies to enhance each child's development and inspire growth. According to Dr. Maria Montessori's philosophy, the most impactful time frame for learning occurs during your child's first six years of life. That's why we have developed a unique childcare environment that stimulates children's thinking skills, and ensures they obtain a sense of group and a sense of self.

Through hands-on experiences, Tiny Explores helps your child develop broad language and cognitive ability, along with physical, social and emotional skills that are necessary for lifelong learning. We also apply the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which states, "A child has a hundred languages." Tiny Explorers Academy takes a multi-pronged approach to your child’s education. This includes providing outlets for creativity and expression such as music, drama, art, play, construction, and modeling.

Emergent curriculum, which is a style of developing a curriculum around the topics that children demonstrate an interest in, is key to our program at Tiny Explorers Academy. In this form of teaching, educators follow the "emerging" interests of your child, while ensuring activities cover relevant and intellectually stimulating topics. Learning opportunities are specifically designed for the children in the classroom - creating an exciting and engaging place to learn and grow. As a result, each child in our preschool program has a program specifically designed for him or her. This creates an exciting and engaging place to learn and grow.

A natural, eco-friendly environment is also essential to our preschool program. Our childcare centre, located in a family-oriented Toronto neighbourhood, is built with environmentally friendly materials. In addition, we have incorporated the natural, surrounding environment into our preschool curriculum. Children experience nature on a daily basis through walks in Toronto's Beltline Trail, located right in our backyard.

Tiny Explorers Academy is a place where children can experience nature, exploration, wonder, and knowledge every day. We are committed to providing a quality childcare centre with a 'just like home' environment, combined with an enriched program and dedicated and nurturing staff.

Meet Our Educators and Staff

Our qualified staff members are carefully selected based on a variety of key attributes. They have years of experience in childcare and are responsible, caring and creative teachers, who work together as a team to nurture, engage and enlighten your tiny explorers.

Thank you for inquiring regarding a tour of Tiny Explorers Academy. Please note that due to high demand and limited availability, we will only be granting onsite tours to parents who have secured future enrollment or who have received confirmation that a space is available and are considering enrolling at the centre. A link will be provided to schedule a tour along with an email confirmation sent to parents informing them that a spot has been secured or is available as per their requested start date.